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Lesson Desk launches a Small Business Support Programme

As the importance of upskilling employees continues to grow, it’s a sad reality that most small businesses struggle to provide sustainable workplace training programmes due to financial constraints.
Lesson Desk, a South African online end-to-end training platform, has launched a new initiative to promote learning and development within small businesses by making their self-managed learning management system (LMS) and selected formal training solutions available at no cost.

Ensuring your employees are equipped and knowledgeable to perform their duties is incredibly important for any business. The sum total of a workforce’s knowledge and ability is what ultimately drives companies to succeed and create a sustainable future.

Because untrained employees can affect your bottom line, your staff is one of your most
valuable assets. Keeping them continuously skilled in the tools and competencies needed to
perform their job will create confident, efficient, and empowered staff members, which in turn will help ensure customers keep returning to your business and can also help increase employee retention and overall production—accelerating business growth.

Lesson Desk’s Small Business Support Programme will provide businesses with fewer than 30 employees free access to their LMS, virtual training and individual training solutions, which enables business owners to create and distribute custom standardised training programmes, allowing employees to complete job-specific training at their own time and pace, and in their native language while also optimising and streamlining processes through the power of digital technology.
To apply for this support programme, please visit https://www.lessondesk.com/small-business-support-programme or email [email protected]. Alternatively, contact them at +27 21 521 3850 or
send a WhatsApp to +27 66 125 9469.