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How Passion and Purpose Spark Mobile Innovation

Dr. TM Roh, Samsung President & Head of MX Business – Every year, mobile becomes less of an extension of our technology habits and more so the very core of those habits, as essential devices that people rely on to do more.

We create and consume content that connects, inspires, or simply entertains us. We stay immersed in the world of an epic game, even on the go. We keep up with colleagues and deadlines when we’re away from our desks. We manage every part of our lives in one convenient place — from health and wellness habits to appointments, purchases, travel and more.

Our days revolve around these experiences, so people are choosing the devices they can depend on, from brands they can trust. This gets right to the heart of our purpose within the Samsung MX (Mobile eXperience) group — to design mobile technology that enriches people’s lives and contributes to a better world.

Setting New Performance Standards

This purpose drives us to push the limits of what’s possible for the performance and quality of mobile experiences. Nowhere is that more relevant than in the Galaxy products that carry the Ultra name.

Since S20 series in 2020, we merged the beloved Note experience with Ultra, pioneering a smartphone with the power, performance, and creative capabilities of two leading Galaxy innovations in one.

Then, with launch of the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, we brought Ultra to a new device and redefined what it meant to watch, connect, work and play. For Samsung, Ultra means big. Ultra means bold. Ultra means the best of the best in performance. To take everyday experiences further, we redefine the essentials.

The upcoming Galaxy is all about camera, performance and sustainability. That’s why our pro-grade camera system is getting smarter. Our performance is getting more powerful. And our connectivity is getting more seamless.

Our upcoming Galaxy redefines performance and quality, which is how we build on your trust.

Innovation That Lasts

Performance isn’t just about more power. It is also about innovation that lasts.It means building durable devices engineered to last longer and incorporating more sustainable materials that consider each phase of the product’s lifecycle. It also means supporting peak performance with years of security and OS updates and simplifying the longevity of a device — with Samsung Care+ and Self-Repair.

In 2022, Samsung Electronics announced a new environmental strategy to help tackle climate change. The MX Business will continue our efforts in helping to realise these goals by taking tangible climate action across our business and product lifecycles.

Premium Experience Without Compromise

On February 1 at Unpacked, we will introduce new devices that set the new premium standard for innovation. They deliver powerful performance without compromise. They’re built to be more sustainable — and to be trusted by all.

At a time when the stakes are higher than ever, we’ve raised the bar by pushing performance further. At Unpacked, we’re delivering our most powerful mobile devices you’ll continue to love for years to come, so you can be confident in your choice. I can’t wait to share what’s next with you. See you all at Unpacked!

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