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HUAWEI launches new HUAWEI nova 10 Series in SA

The Huawei Consumer Business Group has announced the launch of the HUAWEI nova 10 Series: the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro and the HUAWEI nova 10. These two stylish flagship smartphones meet the contemporary, ever-evolving trends amongst the future-minded youth of today.

Reveal your beauty with the HUAWEI nova 10 Series

In the era of video-focused social networking, nova users have become more creative. By using excellent equipment, creatives can develop high-quality content to record and express themselves, sharing their amazing daily lives. The HUAWEI nova 10 Series inherits the excellent genetics of the previous generation, offering young people a better imaging and video experience.

The Multi-Vision Photography of the HUAWEI nova 10 Pro boasts the industry’s first 60MP Ultra-Wide Autofocus front camera, supporting 100-degree ultra-wide angle with a 1/2.61-inch sensor and supporting 4K quality, which offers excellent resolution and light sensitivity. Another industry first Portrait Close-up Camera supports 2X optical zoom and up to 5X digital zoom, bringing you an excellent close-up portrait experience, which expands what the human eye perceives. The newest update of the HUAWEI Multi-Vision Photography feature also comes with an AI feature, which can detect finer object edges.

The HUAWEI nova 10 Series’ chic and lightweight design

The HUAWEI nova 10 Series inherits a classic design, enhancing its original Star Orbit Ring features, which adds a shimmer to the design texture and a silkier touch. The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro comes with a thickness of 7.88mm and weighs 191g.The HUAWEI nova 10 is much thinner and lighter, with a thickness of 6.88mm and weighs 168g. Both models strike a balance between performance and stunning design.

Fast-charging speed powered by HUAWEI SuperCharge

As fast charging becomes increasingly in demand, the HUAWEI SuperCharge feature  is also upgraded. The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro supports the new-generation 100W HUAWEI SuperCharge, while adopting an industry leading fast charging solution comprising a combination of the brand-new charging pump and low-impedance technology. Coupled with HUAWEI’s unique intelligent temperature control technology, the phone brings users an exceptional charging experience. The HUAWEI nova 10 supports 66W HUAWEI SuperCharge, letting lets users fully charge the phone in just 38 minutes.

The powerful fast charging ability of the HUAWEI nova 10 Series greatly enhances charging efficiency – with both smartphones breaking the power consumption limits for instant charging.

The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro is equipped with a more power-efficient 4500mAh large battery capacity, while the HUAWEI nova 10 has a 4000mAH battery capacity.  Even in heavy use scenarios, the HUAWEI nova 10 Series assures users a worry-free experience.

Smoother than ever before:  heat dissipation, gaming, and faster downloading and ample storage

The HUAWEI nova 10 Pro features Ultra-Generation VC Liquid Cooling which brings heat dissipation with better speed and uniformity. It adopts an AI-powered temperature-sensing technology that detects hot spots on the surface of the phone and optimally redistributes the heat, bringing a cooler and smoother user experience.

For gaming enthusiasts, the HUAWEI nova 10 Series features the all-new Touch Turbo 2.0. Users can simply shake the phone to trigger any corresponding key operation, which effectively improves the user experience of mobile games.

For communication, the HUAWEI nova 10 Series supports Wi-Fi 6 Enhancement and 4K QAM modulation which brings faster upload and download speeds with a theoretical peak rate of up to 3.2Gbps, offering super-fast, smooth downloads and fast sharing.

Fortunately, this new HUAWEI series is fitted with 8 GB RAM plus 128 GB or 256 GB ROM large storage, so, there’s enough space for all your videos, images, and gaming. The awesome memory also means you can run more apps at the same time, without affecting the running speed

The powerful software and hardware capabilities of the HUAWEI nova 10 Series have set a new benchmark for the mobile photography experience for young, talented and curious creatives. If you’re looking for an impressive smartphone with all-round features, get the HUAWEI nova 10 Series from the HUAWEI online store or at selected retailers.