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Prieska photovoltaic power plant: clean and reliable energy in South Africa

TotalEnergies was chosen to build and run Prieska, South Africa’s largest ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power facility. The plant opened in 2016 and provides clean, sustainable energy to South Africa, where TotalEnergies has been engaged for the previous 50 years.

“The South African government chose us and our SunPower affiliate to develop a ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power plant in Prieska, Northern Cape province. The facility, with a capacity of 75 MW, will power about 75,000 South African dwellings,” reads part of TotalEnergies statement.

“We are happy to contribute to diversifying the country’s energy mix and growing its solar power capacity as part of our long-term participation in South Africa.

The project is secured under a co-development contract signed with South Africa-based Mulilo Renewable Energy. We hold a 27% stake in the project alongside the following five partners: Calulo Renewable Energy (25%), Mulilo Renewable Energy (18%), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) (15%), Futuregrowth Asset Management (Pty) Ltd (10%) and a local municipality (5%).”

Their SunPower affiliate is providing engineering, procurement and construction services. It will also operate and maintain the solar power plant.

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