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MagicOS 8.0: HONOR Magic V2 Updated AI Features You Should Know

In May, Global technology brand HONOR announced the availability of the new MagicOS 8.0 update for the HONOR Magic V2 Series. South Africa was one of many countries on the list globally to receive this update where users can now enjoy AI-powered intent-based user interface (IUI) based on Android 14 with useful on-device AI features that will simplify and enhance user experience on their smartphone.

According to recent research by Counterpoint the global foldable smartphone market grew by 49% year-on-year (YoY) in Q1 2024. This marks its highest rate of increase in six quarters, thanks to Chinese OEMs, including HONOR. Notably, HONOR has seen substantial shipment growth in overseas markets, achieving a market share leap from 3% in Q1 2023 to 12% in Q1 2024, making it the third-largest player.

Let’s take a quick look at two standout AI features on the HONOR Magic V2 that users can experience following the update that make it a worthy challenger in the foldable smartphone segment.

Magic Capsule 

The innovative Magic Capsule offers multimodal interaction through touch screen, taking into consideration human factors. When users tap on a notification at the top, the Magic Capsule expands to offer additional information related to the notification. This enhances user experience by offering quick and convenient access to relevant information without the need to navigate through multiple system apps, including Calling, Timer, Alarm, Screen Casting, etc.

With Magic Capsule, relevant details and updates are just a touch away, streamlining users’ interactions and making the operating system feel more natural and unobtrusive.

Magic Portal

Often when users use their smartphones, they have to go through multiple steps to complete tasks across apps, whether it be navigating to a destination, or posting images on social media. The Magic Portal feature offers convenience by simplifying this. It utilises AI to understand and comprehend user messages and behaviours and curates and recommends a system app accordingly. All users need to do is long press a message on a chat for example, and drag it to either side of the screen, where they will be recommended a suitable app.

This revolutionary feature transforms the way users’ access and interact with their apps, offering a truly intuitive and personalized experience which learns and improves over time. Magic Portal currently supports over 100 popular apps across travel, office, message, search, entertainment, shopping, and social.

To enable this update, all you need to do is download and install the update from the Settings menu. It is anticipated that the HONOR 90 will also receive the MagicOS 8.0 update in June.