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Build Better Sleeping Habits & Gain Insights with Samsung Galaxy Fit3

With Samsung’s latest innovation in wearables, Galaxy Fit3 complemented by some small daily habits, better sleep health is now possible. And based on individual sleep patterns, Samsung Galaxy Fit3 is now able to provide users with personalised Sleep Coaching, offering meaningful insights that can help you to more intuitively understand your sleep, leading you to make positive changes.

Recent studies by Samsung have shown that users’ interest in personal sleep health has been skyrocketing; however, the quality of sleep people get each night is declining. Another concerning aspect is the increase in awake time during sleep, leading to a decline in sleep efficiency, a key factor in sleep quality that is tracked by calculating the ratio of actual time asleep to the total time spent in bed each night. Inconsistent sleep patterns can also impact sleep quality.

Galaxy Fit3 is therefore able to help users discover details on their sleep stages and track their sleeping patterns so that they can gain some helpful insights. This latest innovative design in smartwatch technology is able to rest snugly on your wrist, while silently monitoring your sleep patterns throughout the night. You can now comfortably wear your Galaxy Fit3, allowing it to detect your snoring and monitor your blood oxygen levels4 right through the night, so that it can find your sleep score and provide you with more detailed measurements.

Justin Hume, Vice President of MX Business at Samsung South Africa said: “As Samsung, we are committed to leveraging both our technology and the Galaxy ecosystem to give everyone the insights they need to achieve their lifelong wellness goals. Our innovative fitness tracker, the Galaxy Fit3 that comes with advanced health monitoring technology, will help you manage your overall wellness and that includes both your health and physical activity by providing you with more reliable and accurate data.”

And furthermore, the sleep analysis and sleep coaching functionality in the latest Galaxy Fit3 is able to compare data to previous days, so that you can track how your daily routine improvements influence your sleep quality.

So, by monitoring your body movement throughout the night, Galaxy Fit3 is providing you with the ability to see how you are doing over days or years so that you can make healthier choices each day. Samsung is also in the process of expanding its tech capabilities and evolving product portfolio to include other heart health monitoring features during sleep.

In an effort to provide an even deeper understanding of your overall health, this new wearable technology is now able to deliver health metrics that include heart rate, stress levels and even cycle tracking.

And furthermore, Samsung Health8 now provides daily goals and coaching programs to help you achieve healthy sleeping habits. This free application serves to track various aspects of daily life contributing to well-being such as physical activity, diet and sleep. Samsung Health together with this latest fitness tracker allows users to achieve healthier sleep with a better understanding of their own sleep patterns, personalised motivations and coaching.


So, if you want to keep track of your daily health and wellness, discover your sleep score and have the good night sleep you deserve – get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Fit3. This latest fitness tracker is available now at all participating Samsung retail stores nationwide – at an affordable, recommended retail price of only R12999.