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Huawei Mobile Services and Standard Bank celebrate 4-year partnership

Partnerships play a crucial role in the success and growth of businesses across various industries. Amongst some of the numerous advantages is the shared access to resources, complementary skills, market expansion, innovation, enhanced credibility and saving of costs and time efficiency. By forming strategic partnerships, businesses can position themselves for long-term success and sustainable growth in today’s dynamic and competitive business environment.

The partnership between Huawei Mobile Service (HMS) and Standard Bank South Africa is no different. These two organisations have strategically joined forces to promote their respective businesses through value offerings to customers.

“Our partnership with Huawei Mobile Services South Africa aims to provide our clients who access to the Standard Bank banking app.  Over the last three years, we have collaborated to integrate HMS, ensuring that the Standard Bank banking app is compatible with the Huawei operating system,” says Belinda Rathogwa, Executive Head: Digital and eCommerce for Personal and Private Banking at Standard Bank South Africa.

With access to over 9.1 million Huawei device users, Standard Bank South Africa is able to reach new markets and customer segments that may have been difficult to access individually. The Bank leverages Huawei’s existing users, distribution channels and market knowledge, helping the business to increase market penetration and foster business growth.

“Our collaboration introduces the convenience of mobile banking to users to enable easy access to the Standard Bank banking app on their devices and enjoy services such as checking their credit score, opening a savings account and purchasing airtime, data, or electricity through the banking app,” adds Rathogwa.

Huawei aims to build a robust app ecosystem to provide a rich and diverse range of apps for its users. It’s partnerships with established organisations, such as Standard Bank, is vital to expanding the app offerings on the AppGallery and enhancing the overall user experience.

HMS partners are provided with resources, tools, technical support and incentives to support businesses to build and optimise their apps for HUAWEI devices.

“At Standard Bank, we recognise that technology plays a critical role in driving Africa’s growth and development. With many of our clients accessing the Standard Bank banking app through Huawei devices, we identified the importance of partnering with Huawei to provide clients with digital banking solutions for their needs. We take great pride in our partnership with Huawei South Africa and see it as an opportunity to foster growth and development in Africa,” concludes Rathogwa.

Both Huawei and Standard Bank foresee numerous opportunities to expand their services and drive shared value in the African market.

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