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Dance, connect, and earn using Huawei digital platforms

International Dance Day, celebrated annually on 29 April, is a day dedicated to promoting the art of dance and raising awareness of its cultural and societal value. The evolution of technology has had a significant impact on the dance and entertainment industry. Today, digital platforms are playing a crucial role in providing dancers with services to hone their craft, entertain audiences and even earn an income.

Store and manage your dance content on Huawei Mobile Cloud

As a dancer, you need a reliable way to store and manage your content which includes all your videos, images and music. Huawei Mobile Cloud offers a seamless solution, providing ample storage space for all your dance-related files. With easy access to your content from any Huawei device, you can quickly review and share your dance videos with friends, family or on social media.

AppGallery gives you dance apps to practice and for entertainment

Huawei’s AppGallery offers a variety of dance apps to help you practice and enjoy dance from the comfort of your home. Some popular examples include:

  • Learn Dance At Home. This app has many dance styles to learn dance step by step. You get the best dance moves videos that you can also access offline.
  • Dance Workout for Weight Loss. Even if you don’t want to have international stardom, this app is an excellent way to reduce belly fat and lose weight. The fun atmosphere of its aerobics dance exercises makes it less of a chore to exercise. Plus, you get to dance to your heart’s content.

TikTok lets you join the worldwide dance movement

TikTok has taken the world by storm with dance challenges and routines playing a significant role in the platform’s popularity. As a Huawei user, you can join the global dance community on TikTok to share your moves, discover new choreographies and get inspired by fellow dancers. By participating in viral dance challenges, you can reach a wider audience and potentially gain those lucrative sponsorships and money-making opportunities.

Huawei gives you everything you need to dance your way to fame

Huawei’s commitment to providing innovative and user-friendly platforms has made it easier than ever for dance enthusiasts to engage with their passion. By offering easy access to YouTube, Mobile Cloud, AppGallery and TikTok, Huawei users can learn, create, share and earn through the world of dance.

Digital platforms have truly revolutionised the dance and entertainment industry with Huawei at the forefront of this transformation. As we celebrate International Dance Day on the 29th of April, let’s embrace the opportunities offered by these platforms to grow, connect and contribute to the vibrant world of dance. With Huawei’s support, the sky is the limit for dancers and dance enthusiasts throughout South Africa.