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Petal Maps offering full-screen lane

Huawei has released the version of Petal Maps, which comes with a number of innovative functions and optimizations for users, including full-screen lane-level guidance, real-time traffic monitoring, nearby services, watch collaborative navigation, various map layers, traffic events, favorite places, and loads more. These functions mean Petal Maps can provide global users with reliable navigation and map services that are supported by a co-created ecosystem.

Currently, Petal Maps covers more than 160 countries and regions, boasting over 40 million MAUs, and can display map data in over 70 languages. Thanks to its extensive suite of functions, Petal Maps has been well received by users around the world and serves as an always-on co-pilot that is ready to support users as they explore the world.

Full-screen lane-level guidance for easily navigating complex turns

The full-screen lane-level guidance function of Petal Maps, which overhauls the conventional navigation experience. This function expands the view of lane-level guidance to fill the full screen, helping users more easily judge the exact lane their vehicle is in. In addition, the function covers more roads, which when paired with a clearer view, creates a better user experience.

The full-screen lane-level guidance function utilizes numerous capabilities, such as 3D road modeling algorithms and lane extraction from HD satellite images, to automatically simulate and render detailed road information in 3D, thus displaying roads more vividly in digital maps. Petal Maps is particularly effective at providing clearer navigation guidance and driving suggestions in more challenging road scenarios, reminding users to change lanes in a timely manner and helping them navigate complex turns with greater ease.

Petal Maps is also committed to providing green and safe navigation services. For cycling enthusiasts, Petal Maps can provide them with the most suitable routes according to traffic conditions, so that they can do their bit for the environment. For those who love walking, Petal Maps can prompt them when and where to turn through watch vibrations, allowing them to take in the sights rather than worrying about navigating streets.

Immersive map effects for recreating the real world in digital maps

Petal Maps is capable of rendering roads, buildings, weather effects, and night scenes in great detail, with colors that are true to the real world. This vividly recreates the real world within digital maps, helping users understand and navigate them with greater ease. Petal Maps currently supports the detailed 3D display of nearly one hundred landmark buildings, where users will be able to use Petal Maps to explore UAE’s landmark buildings, such as Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab and Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi, which are recreated in 3D within the platform’s digital maps. Petal Maps is also capable of displaying dynamic weather effects, such as clouds, sun, and storms, according to the local weather, and can also display streetlights and other specific building details at nighttime.

Ecosystem co-creation with fully open map platform capabilities

In addition to innovating map functions, Huawei works closely with ecosystem partners, such as hotels, ride-hailing vendors, and catering merchants in the travel and transport sectors to deliver a range of day-to-day services through Petal Maps in one stop. For example, Petal Maps provides the services necessary for users to travel via many kinds of transportation, order takeaway, and book hotels and scenic spot tickets.

Petal Maps Platform is a cross-platform and integrated map platform for all scenarios, it integrates and opens up the capabilities of Location Kit, Map Kit, Site Kit, and Navi Kit to developers around the world, supporting their app innovation. Through the platform, developers in industries such as travel, life services, and e-commerce can greatly reduce development costs and achieve efficient digital transformation.

In the future, Huawei will continue efforts to improve user experience of Petal Maps and explore cutting-edge technologies, aiming to provide more trustworthy and easy-to-use navigation services for users and more open and secure map services for developers. Huawei is dedicated to creating a map ecosystem alongside with users and developers.

Ultimately, Petal Maps has done a remarkable job by continuing to drive innovation in this space to the end-users’ benefit. The latest update installs high-quality reviews that will appear at the top to help the users on a further note. The latest update is available to download via AppGallery.