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Celebrating the perfect long weekend with family and friends

On 21 March, South Africa celebrates Human Rights Day. The public holiday falls on a Tuesday and is the perfect opportunity to make the most out of the long weekend.  You can take a break from your daily routines and explore new places, try out new activities, or simply unwind with family and friends.

Thanks to technology, planning and organising these activities have become so easy to do. For example using Petal Search, Petal Maps, HUAWEI Mobile Cloud, and AppGallery to take care of all your needs this long weekend.

Find fun things to do with Petal Search

Petal Search lets you search for anything and everything from your mobile device. Find interesting restaurants and cafes to those attractions that you’ve never even known about to make you feel like a tourist in your own city or town. The search engine even provides a quick way to find cool recreational activities close to you or a bit off the beaten track. For example, if you are planning to spend the day outdoors, you can use Petal Search to search for nearby parks or nature reserves. You can plan a fun hike or use Petal Search to find museums, art galleries, and other cultural attractions you might not have considered.

Easily navigate with Petal Maps

Of course, getting directions to any place is as easy as opening Petal Maps to give you the real-time navigation you need. Its user-friendly and powerful location-based services make it as easy as pie to find your way around town, especially if you’re visiting, and out to discover new places. Quickly find points of interest or get walking or cycling directions to your destination. For instance, if you plan on spending a day at a water park before the arrival of autumn, Petal Maps can provide you with turn-by-turn directions and estimated travel time. It even alerts you of traffic or construction work.

Keep your memories safe with HUAWEI Mobile Cloud

Making memories is what long weekends are all about. But how do you keep those digital records safe? Well, the answer is HUAWEI Mobile Cloud – a powerful cloud storage and backup services. It gives you a secure and convenient way to store all your data. Save your photos, videos, documents, and other files to the cloud and easily access it from anywhere. Now you can be rest assured your photo and video memories of the upcoming long weekend will be safely backed up, even if your device is lost or stolen.

Chilling with the latest mobile games

Even if you just want to relax the entire weekend, HUAWEI has you covered. Get the latest mobile games to keep you busy for hours on end. Whether it’s the latest single player puzzle game or a multiplayer strategy title, you can enjoy with your friends around the world, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

So, embrace the Huawei lifestyle and get everything ready for the long weekend. From planning fun activities to playing the hottest games, you can rest assured that the technology will help you make it a holiday to remember!