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Stora Enso and Modvion collaborate to increase the usage of wood in wind turbine towers.

Stora Enso and Modvion, a wood technology business, are collaborating to make wood the preferred material for wind turbine towers. The goal of the collaboration is to demonstrate the numerous options for employing wood in difficult projects.

“The commitment of Stora Enso to replace fossil-based materials with renewables is a perfect match for Modvion,” said Otto Lundman, CEO of Modvion. “To solve the climate crisis, we need more renewable energy as well as increased use of sustainable, wooden constructions. Together with Stora Enso we can enable both.”

Modvion constructs wind turbine towers out of laminated veneer lumber (LVL), which is stronger in proportion to its weight than steel. These towers are constructed in lightweight modules that can be transported on public roads without the need for licenses or road rehabilitation, allowing for the building of taller structures at a reduced cost. Taller towers capture stronger winds, resulting in more cost-effective energy production.

“We are proud to enter into partnership with Modvion who, like us, strive to push boundaries and demonstrate the possibilities with wood.” said Lars Völkel, Executive Vice President, Division Wood Products, Stora Enso. “As one of the largest sawn wood producers and private forest owners in the world we play an important role in the transformation to a greener society. By contributing our expertise to Modvion we can further help make a difference in mitigating climate change and supporting the EU’s drive to increase renewable energy production.”

Furthermore, employing wood, a widely available and renewable resource, can reduce CO2 emissions for the tower by 90% while also storing CO2 that trees have taken up during their growth.

“Our forests are a precious resource and we need to use them wisely. Stora Enso has an extensive knowledge of both sustainable forestry and the qualities of different kinds of wood,” said Otto Lundman. “The wood used for advanced constructions such as wind turbine towers can be reused in new wood-based products which provides further long-term climate benefits.”

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