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Samsung Takes the Lead in Demonstrating That Sustainability Is Everyone’s Concern

There is little doubt that technological advancements have ushered in a period of unprecedented global economic growth. Unfortunately, since the Industrial Revolution, this expansion has been accompanied with irresponsible resource extraction and exploitation. As a result, as a worldwide corporation, Samsung is heeding the call of environmental experts who are emphasizing the impact of the items we use on a daily basis, as well as the major environmental threats they pose.

Samsung is reacting with long-term sustainable initiatives across its value chain and its “Everyday Sustainability” goal, which focuses on pioneering eco-conscious technologies in products that people use in every aspect of their everyday lives. Smartphones and tablets are examples of this, as they are used for both life-enhancing experiences as well as important business tools. Its goods are meticulously developed to minimize their environmental impact, based on the product stewardship approach. Samsung is likewise committed to reducing the environmental effect of its goods across their entire life cycle, from development through production, distribution, and use, to after-sales servicing and recycling. Samsung South Africa’s employees have actively embraced environmentally-focused initiatives such as upcycling programs, reminding and inspiring South Africans of our common commitment to safeguard the country’s unique resources.

Using Technology for the Greater Good
Samsung is obviously committed to creating technology that has a positive environmental impact and to placing the Galaxy ecosystem’s power in the hands of a generation of passionate changemakers.
Samsung’s sustainability journey prioritizes the environment in all business operations, with long-term sustainability initiatives such as sustainable packaging design, solar-cell-powered remote controls, and carbon footprint reduction through the use of recycled materials, as well as more recent innovations like the use of discarded fishing nets in Galaxy devices.

Samsung will continue to develop new technology that overcomes barriers and links communities while addressing the climate catastrophe in honor of Earth Day 2022 and the theme “Everyday Sustainability.” Samsung recognizes that as a global technology firm, it has a duty to ensure that our planet’s future is healthy and secure. It is on a mission to do more, take actual action, hold itself accountable, and share its experience with like-minded organizations, from accomplishments to obstacles and lessons learned. Samsung will continue to advocate responsible innovation by developing products ranging from mobile phones to home appliances that improve people’s lives while also serving as a powerful force for good.

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