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Nedbank YouthX 2023 winners

In a grand celebration of innovation, resilience, and youth empowerment as part of the YouthX Awards, Nedbank recognised the top changemakers at the YX23 festival held at Constitution Hill. These visionary entrepreneurs stood out among an already exceptional pool of over 800 entries, showcasing their commitment to transformative solutions and societal impact.

The Changemaker of the Year is Wihan Joubert, founder of Drip Markets, which is revolutionising fashion and empowering students. He is the mastermind behind Drip Markets and took centre stage as a trailblazer in sustainable fashion. His online thrifting marketplace has not only empowered students to buy and sell second-hand clothing, but it has also become a thriving community fostering sustainability and entrepreneurship. By creating an extra income stream for students and contributing to the circular economy, Drip Markets stands as a testament to the power of young minds in shaping a more sustainable and connected world.

‘This has been an amazing opportunity that I have been given thanks to Nedbank. It has been such a learning curve, especially for the future potential of Drip Market. I have built great relationships with the finalists, and it was an honour standing alongside such incredible individuals who are all looking to make change in their unique ways. I am hoping that this experience opens a lot of doors for all of us,’ says Joubert.

Navigating the energy landscape is Nthabiseng Msingatha, who is the visionary behind YouMeta and changing the game in the energy sector. Her platform offers personalised learning pathways and practical experiences, equipping the youth to navigate the evolving energy landscape. In a world where industries are rapidly changing, YouMeta ensures that no youth gets left behind. It stands not just as an educational platform but also as a movement dedicated to justice, ensuring that the youth are informed, skilled, and ready to contribute meaningfully to society.

Transforming skincare one story at a time is Ayanda Majola, who is the founder of Yanda Cosmetics. She shared her struggle with severe acne and transformed it into a mission to redefine skincare. Yanda Cosmetics is not just a brand – it is a vibrant journey of empowerment and transformation. By making medical-grade treatments accessible, affordable, and effective, Ayanda is challenging the norms of acne care. Yanda Cosmetics goes beyond surface-level solutions, addressing acne holistically and fostering a culture where skincare is uplifting and enjoyable. In just 2 years Ayanda has turned her struggle into a revolution, with her products proudly listed on renowned platforms, and she has a vision to revolutionise the skincare industry beyond South Africa.

Khensani Nobanda, Group Executive of Marketing and Corporate Affairs at Nedbank, expressed her excitement about the impact that these entrepreneurs are making: ‘YX23 is not just a festival; it’s a movement that empowers and inspires the youth. The YouthX Awards aim to celebrate excellence and outstanding accomplishments, and our top 10 truly embody that spirit. These entrepreneurs are not just shaping industries; they are creating a brighter future for South Africa. We are proud to support their journey and believe in the unlimited potential of the nation’s future leaders’.

The YouthX Awards, underpinned by Nedbank’s commitment to youth empowerment and financial education through YouthX, have once again highlighted the extraordinary talent and dedication of South African youth. The top 3 winners – Drip Markets, YouMeta, and Yanda Cosmetics – stand as beacons of inspiration, proving that with vision, determination, and innovation, the youth can drive positive change and make a lasting impact on society.