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Nedbank expands its partnership with SAA Voyager and Avo tie-up

Nedbank and SAA Voyager have announced an exciting expansion to their partnership. You can now convert your SAA Voyager Miles to AvoPoints and use them to shop on the Avo SuperShop. Here, you can enjoy all the brands you love in one place with quick, seamless delivery.

‘We are pleased to take our long-standing partnership with SAA Voyager to the next logical progression. It has been well received by SAA Voyager clients, who converted so many Miles that Avo became the number one non-flight redemption partner for SAA Voyager in the space of 1 month’, says Privesan Naidoo, Nedbank Executive in Trading Products. ‘Avo is a great value proposition for SAA Voyager clients because it gives them a variety of ways in which to spend their Voyager Miles. Members can also earn AvoPoints on every purchase and even accelerate their Voyager Miles earn rate if they are an SAA Voyager Cheque or Credit Cardholder.’

Avo SuperShop is home to over 22 000 businesses that sell their products and services to over 2 million registered customers on a single, easy-to-use platform. Shopping categories include tech and appliances, groceries, prepaid airtime, data and electricity, vouchers, backup power and solar solutions, gaming, automotive, fashion and beauty, homeware, takeaways and more. Avo continues to grow exponentially, with a further sevenfold increase year-on-year reported in gross merchandise value (GMV) in May 2023.

The SAA Voyager American Express® and Mastercard Voyager Credit Cards have for many years given users a way to earn SAA Voyager Miles rapidly. The new partnership with Avo provides new ways for clients to use their well-earned Voyager Miles.

‘SAA Voyager remains one of the most sought-after loyalty programmes as it provides access to amazing travel experiences and access to the desirable Companion Ticket for Voyager Credit and Cheque Cardholders. Now, the ability to use Voyager Miles on Avo has further increased the value it offers to members’, says Tebogo Tsimane, Executive at SAA Commercial. ‘SAA Voyager and Avo SuperShop from Nedbank are a perfect match, and the fact that Avo customers will soon be able to convert AvoPoints to Voyager Miles will further strengthen the partnership between SAA and Nedbank.’

To convert Voyager Miles to AvoPoints, SAA Voyager clients can simply sign up for free on AvoSuperShop, tap on ‘Exchange points’ on the home screen, enter their SAA Voyager credentials, and specify the number of Miles they want to convert to AvoPoints.

‘This partnership will keep growing as we add more value for SAA Voyager and Avo users’, says Nedbank’s Privesan Naidoo. ‘One great new benefit that will launch in September is the ability to convert AvoPoints to Voyager Miles to buy air tickets, opening up a whole range of travel options.’

Watch this space for more opportunities with SAA Voyager and Avo SuperShop from Nedbank.