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How to defend against hotel booking scams like a pro

Planning a trip should be an adventure filled with excitement, not navigating a maze of online hotel booking scams. Having access to the internet has made the process of planning a trip easier and more convenient from being able to book a hotel room at the click of a button to reading about other people’s experiences from their reviews. It’s unfortunate that travellers aren’t the only ones who use the internet to make life easier, there has also been a surge of cybercriminals on the hunt for their next victim. By following a couple of clever tips, you can outsmart the scammers and embark on your next travel journey with peace of mind.

Whenever you’re looking for a place to get an accidental sunburn, it’s important to make sure to check who you are booking with. Before surrendering your personal and financial details, make sure that you are making your booking directly on the hotel’s website, this could save you money and ensure that your customer journey is personalised.

When it comes to payment gateways: safety first

Secure payment gateways are like superheroes that protect your hard-earned cash from the clutches of evil. Profitroom’s payment gateway partners are some of the most trusted operators in the industry meaning hoteliers can pass on the confidence knowing their guests’ financial data is shielded during every transaction.

Kevin Mandlokuwa, Profitroom’s Customer Success Manager says, “For more than a decade we have prided ourselves on working with the best partners in the world and that means that we offer industry-leading safety for any and every one using a Profitroom solutions.

Get a secure connection:

Rule number one is saying “no” to shady Wi-Fi networks. This is often easier said than done but a recent study by Forbes found that 40% of respondents had their information compromised while using public Wi-Fi. The fact is that hackers drool over the prospect of users taking risks in pursuit of a little free time on the internet. Rather choose trusted networks or even better, get yourself in a Virtual Private Network (VPN). With your data encrypted, you can happily browse without any eavesdroppers spoiling your online fun.

Unleash your inner sleuth: 

When looking for a place to stay on your holiday, read reviews from fellow adventurers on trusted sources and visit the hotel’s website directly rather than only checking it out via an online travel agency. Watch out for suspiciously negative reviews or a lack of online presence. Compare information from multiple sources to piece together the truth.

Mandlokuwa says, “Going directly to a site’s website is the fastest way to ensure that you get the right message. What’s more, when booking with Profitroom partners, our specialised Booking Engine 360, channel managers and our suite of services mean you can always rest assured that your data is secure.”

Keep the files

Always keep a detailed record of your hotel bookings, including confirmation emails, receipts, and any communication with the hotel. This treasure trove of documentation will come in handy if any unexpected twists and turns pop up during or after your trip. Stay one step ahead and be prepared for anything!

Scammers should never rob you of the adventure of a lifetime. By doing your research and making sure to cross your t’s and dot your I’s they won’t get the opportunity to. Most importantly, make sure to book directly with the hotel you are staying at to have the best chance of keeping hackers out of your business.