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Stage Zero expands to Bloemfontein and eThekwini, bringing power and energy independence to the people this winter

Stage Zero, an independent power provider, is pleased to announce its expansion into Bloemfontein and eThekwini. This move will help ease the pressure on more South African pockets following Eskom’s recent electricity tariff increase in April this year and council’s expected electricity tariff increase come 1 July.

Helping South Africans come out of the cold:

Stage Zero’s expansion comes just in time for winter when the effects of load shedding hit the hardest in the country. While this year has been easier than the last so far, recent reports suggest that it is just the calm before the storm with some experts predicting the return of stage 6 load shedding.

Navigating the realm of alternative power can be daunting. Most people could not begin to explain the complexities of photovoltaic (PV) systems. More importantly, it is not necessary. Not when a company exists that can help you manage all the maintenance issues, keep costs down, and help you find a solution that suits you best.

Stage Zero simplifies solar by offering straightforward solutions without binding customers to long-term contracts. By giving communities in Bloemfontein and eThekwini a viable, easy-to-use alternative, Stage Zero not only helps ease the burden of load shedding and rising electricity tariffs but also puts money back into ordinary people’s pockets.

Together South Africans achieve more:

The desire is to help South Africa manage the electricity crisis can also be seen in Stage Zero’s support of the City of Cape Town’s cash-for-power initiative which aims to empower homeowners to embrace solar energy by offering them financial incentives. Over time, it is hoped that initiatives like these can spread throughout the country with Stage Zero at the forefront.

With Stage Zero’s range of solutions, including solar and backup battery options, residents can now take control of their energy needs and reduce their dependence on the national grid.


Abraham van der Merwe, CEO of Stage Zero, says “We are excited to spread our energy solutions to any areas that need it. Bloemfontein and eThekwini are just the next steps in a plan that will hopefully see us be able to help every South African, no matter where they are.”

The expansion into Bloemfontein and eThekwini aligns with Stage Zero’s broader mission to make energy independence accessible to all South Africans. By expanding its footprint across provinces, Stage Zero is one step closer to realising its vision of a nation powered by clean and sustainable energy solutions.

Connecting a nation:

People living in Gauteng, the Western Cape and the Eastern Cape are already experiencing what an energy independent life could look like. Now residents of Bloemfontein and eThekwini will also get to enjoy the benefits of Stage Zero’s solutions with more areas to follow soon. With the end of energy price hikes and load shedding nowhere in sight, there is a growing need for innovative alternatives for communities as diverse as South Africa’s. Stage Zero’s solutions cater to both residential and commercial customers, offering tailored packages to meet the specific needs of each community. Whether it’s solar panels for households or backup battery systems for businesses.

For more information about Stage Zero and its offerings, now available in Bloemfontein and eThekwini, visit