HomeSmart LivingReady, set, host! Easy tips to make your home guest-ready

Ready, set, host! Easy tips to make your home guest-ready

Preparing your home for guests can be both exciting and a bit stressful. Whether you’re hosting a small gathering or having overnight visitors, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment is key. With a few quick and easy tricks, you can transform your space into a warm and inviting haven for your visitors. Whether you’re clearing the clutter, adding decorative touches, or creating a cosy ambiance, these simple steps will ensure your home is guest-ready. Here’s a step-by-step guide to ensure your home is guest-ready.

1. Declutter and organise

Start by decluttering before diving into cleaning tasks. Remove any items from common spaces. A clutter free environment instantly appears inviting and spacious.

2. Create a welcoming entrance

The first impression is crucial so focus on sprucing up the entrance to your home. Ensure it’s clean and well lit and consider adding a welcome mat and perhaps a beautiful houseplant can make your guests feel instantly at ease.

3. Freshen up the bathrooms

Bathrooms are a critical part of guest readiness. Make sure to clean and stock up your bathroom with essentials, like toilet paper, fresh towels, hand soap and toiletries. Adding touches such as a candle or fresh flowers can create a welcoming atmosphere. Consider giving your bathroom a makeover by using steam and water-resistant tile decals for basin splashbacks.

4. Prepare the guest bedroom

If guests are staying overnight, make sure the guest bedroom is clean and comfortable. Change the bed linens, plump up the pillows and provide blankets. Clear out some space in the wardrobe or drawers for your guests belongings. Enhance their stay by adding a bedside lamp and providing reading materials.

5. Add a touch of nature

Indoor plants are a cost-effective way to instantly breathe life into a home. Get the green aesthetic by placing an elegant orchid in your kitchen, or a palm floor plant in the corner of your sitting room. Some plants have fantastic air-cleansing benefits, too. SA’s wonder plant, the Spekboom, is known for its air-purifying benefits, as is Mother-in-law’s Tongue, which removes pollutants.

6. Plan for entertainment

Plan ahead for entertaining your guests during their visit. Make sure to have board games, books or movies on hand. If the weather permits, think about activities such as a braai or garden gathering. Having some things to do can make your guests feel more relaxed.

7. Tidy up the yard

Remember to take care of the outside area. Clean the windows, gutters, pathways, trim the trees and prune the shrubs. Touch up any paint that needs attention.

By following these steps, you can create a warm, welcoming, and comfortable environment for your guests. With a bit of preparation and attention to detail, your home will be ready to impress. And if you need a helping hand to get everything spotless, remember that SweepSouth is only an app away and you can always reach out to the spectacular SweepStars to assist you with getting your space spick and span for your guests visit and beyond.