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Baking Bootcamp a huge success for Oh My Cake! And Heron Bridge on Father’s Day!

Oh My Cake! Had one of the best and most memorable Father’s day events of its kind hosted at Fourways, Cedar Square in Johannesburg this past weekend. Father’s day comes with a whole lot of different and valuable meanings to many people, however this year Oh My Cake! turned the tables around, as they partnered with Heron Bridge College to create a memorable experience for the Father’s and their little one’s. On the eve of Father’s Day, Oh My Cake! together with Heron Bridge College hosted a first of its kind Father’s Day Baking Bootcamp event, with a turnout of just under 100 families. This is where new and interesting talents were witnessed, among the kids. The kids together with the help of one of their parents/guardians had the opportunity to make cupcakes of their own choice, as a way to appreciate the Dad’s in their lives.

It is through this Father’s Day bootcamp, where all the hidden joy and love were expressed with passion. We managed to see the bond of a Father and his loved one’s being reignited and taken to greater heights. The great part is Oh My Cake! Did not only give an opportunity to the kids to design cupcakes, but allowed them to take the cupcakes they designed home to give Dad as a Father’s Day gift.

The day ended with a tour to the secret space where the magic happens- the Oh My Cake!
Head Quarters where the kids and their parents got to see an exclusive glimpse into the
day-to-day, hour-by-hour and minute-by-minute production of the irresistible mouth-watering treats ranging from Cakes, Cupcakes, Macarons, and many more delights available at Oh My Cake!.

During the tour every parent and kids were in for a treat with yummy cake truffles while their eyes tried to make sense of all the colour & magic happening at Oh My Cake!

The team are excited to put together another memorable event for Christmas where we bring families together, remove the clutter of the world and give them a special glimpse into our magical world of sprinkles & love.

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