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Indulging in Sunglass Hut’s Exquisite Brunch with Chef Matt Manning

Anticipation fills the air when it comes to brunch, and our excitement was palpable upon receiving an exclusive invitation from Sunglass Hut to partake in their lavish brunch event, hosted by renowned chef, Matt Manning. This media-only affair promised a delightful blend of luxury and culinary artistry, all while donning a stylish pair of shades.

Matt Manning, with his culinary finesse, meticulously crafted a menu inspired by some of the most beloved sunglass brands, resulting in a six-course extravaganza that was truly a feast for the senses. Join us on this sumptuous journey of indulgence:

Canapés (Versace – Pop of Plum): Drawing inspiration from the prominent medusa medallion and a vibrant pop of plum, Chef Manning presents a tantalizing combination of Beetroot Hummus, Sago Crisp, and Purple Baby Beetroot Shavings.

Amuse-bouche (Persol – Handcrafted Excellence): Persol, renowned for its commitment to handcrafting excellence, lends its essence to this delightful dish. Explore the flavors of Ostrich Tataki, accompanied by Orange, Salsa Verde, Sweet Potato Chips, Teriyaki, and Parmesan.


First Course (Versace – The Key to Life): In a world dominated by deep fakes and artificial intelligence, we yearn for enduring value. The first course invites you to savor a Prawn & Coconut Black Rice Risotto, complemented by Sweetcorn Purée and Radish & Prawn Bisque, paying homage to the GRECA pattern found on the sunglasses’ temples, symbolizing the eternal flow of life.

Middle Course (Tiffany & Co. – Breakfast at Tiffany’s): Chef Manning turns to the allure of Tiffany & Co. for the middle course, capturing the essence of “breakfast at twist.” Enjoy Pan-Roasted Scallops accompanied by Cauliflower, Black Forest Ham Velouté, White Chocolate, and Macadamia, reminiscent of the frames’ bold acetate design and the low-profile elegance synonymous with the Tiffany brand. This culinary masterpiece pays tribute to the timeless allure of 90s Hollywood glamour.

Main Course (Burberry – Quintessential British Fashion): In a celebration of looking good, feeling good, and making a difference, Chef Manning presents a succulent Roast Loin of Elgin Lamb, served with Braised Neck Cottage Pie, Baby Turnips, Smoked Mash, Spinach, and Lamb Jus. This dish encapsulates the bold and oversized fashion codes of Burberry during the 1960s and 70s, a true testament to quintessential British style.

Dessert (Burberry – Understated Luxury): No luxurious experience is complete without a touch of understated elegance. Drawing inspiration from Burberry’s commitment to the highest quality, Chef Manning concludes the culinary journey with an array of textures. Delight in Raspberry Sponge, Honeycomb, Strawberry Meringue, and Earl Grey Ice Cream, a harmonious blend of flavors that epitomizes minimalistic style while exuding sheer indulgence.

Join us at Sunglass Hut for an unforgettable afternoon of opulence, where haute cuisine and high fashion intertwine in perfect harmony.