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FlySafair fills 264 aircraft with passengers who paid only R9 Each

3 May 2023 – Johannesburg. FlySafair held their biggest annual sale today, selling out more than 50 000 seats for just R9 a piece. Across the country people stayed glued to their screens, many using several devices at one time all in the hopes of grabbing some tickets for just R9.

“We’re pleased with how the sale went this morning” says Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair. “Our website handled record volumes of traffic this year and sales rolled though without hassle”.

FlySafair reports that there were over 1 425 378 people actively trying their luck in the sale. This was up on last year’s sale where the airline saw 1 225 828 people hit their waiting room. During peak demand this year the airline processed record sales of 492 tickets a minute up from 195 tickets a minute last year.

In the end 50 372 seats were sold for R9 across 16 487 individual bookings. The sale lasted just under 5 hours, kicking off at 9AM on the dot and the last few tickets selling out at approximately 13:50 this afternoon.

This year’s waiting room featured a R9 fare finder tool, which hopeful travelers could use to spy out where the R9 tickets were hiding. “The R9 ticket finder tool alone handled 102 million requests during the sale” says Gordon.

R9 tickets were spread across the airlines comprehensive domestic route network. Most tickets were sold on flights between Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as Johannesburg and Durban. Johannesburg to George, and Johannesburg to Port Elizabeth also featured prominently.

More than 49% of the shoppers were based in Gauteng with 21% in the Western Cape, 10% in Kwa-Zulu Natal and 4% in the Eastern Cape. “We hope that this sale has given many people who’ve not yet been able to fly the opportunity to experience air travel” says Gordon.

Most shoppers (60%) accessed the sale from mobile devices with 39% using desktop devices. “Every year we get stacks of pictures on social media of people showing us how many devices they were using to try and access tickets. It was interesting to see 479 gaming consoles and 3100 Smart Televisions sitting in the waiting room this year too” remarked Gordon.

In an added surprise, any seats not being sold for R9, were on sale for 30% off the net fare, effectively creating a double dose of sale savings. While the R9 seats are now sold out, the airline will be keeping the 30% off sale live until midnight tonight, giving more travelers the opportunity to access savings.

The sale has become something of a hallmark for the airline which has now sold more than 150 000 tickets for anything between R1 and R9 over the past nine years. “We decided nine years ago that instead of putting investment into expensive media to promote the airline, we’d put faith in our product and put people onto aircraft seats to see what it’s all about” says Gordon. “Obviously the sale generates a good amount of attention for the airline too so it’s a win for us and a win for consumers”.