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How to stay on top of your mental health in 2023

Festive season is over and a lot of people have come into the new year feeling positive and lively about the possibilities that 2023 brings.

Whilst load shedding and other economic concerns are on the rise due to the distracting power cuts of 4-8 hours and sometimes longer, South Africans are keeping resilient and are adamant to win the year

As the fiscal ended in 2022, most people spoke about their mental health and the journey they took to understand their mental struggles, limiting beliefs, depression, anxieties and other mental expressions that have knocked them emotionally and mentally with every curve ball that the past year brought.

Stepping into the new year with a little more grasp on mental wellness, which includes self-care and self-love in order to curb burn out, 2023 is looking a lot gentler to the human mind as people plan and look at life strategies, wins, goals and losses that come with each year.

Although we know the imbalances that face our country, and how  some events affect everyone mentally, this year we need to look at how we are building tools that support and aid everyone from a mental health perspective.

One of the most important things to do as we unfold the year is to keep doing the work to impact mental health challenges in schools, businesses and everyday life. People are not machines, so they process life as it happens to them. And how they respond and react reflects where they are in their mental state, which includes feelings about load shedding, inequalities, finances to name a few.

Studies show that when people step into the new year they are optimistic and have many goals and habits they want to start, but they slip as the year goes. Why is this you may ask, this is due to many factors that have a lot to do with mental fitness, clarity of the mind, understanding processes towards building goals, will power and subconscious coding stemming from childhood, our environments and social exposure to name a few

Your mind is an important asset towards building your success, make sure you identify, and prioritize a mental health plan in order to stay on top of your goals this year.

And if you a leader make sure that you are doing enough to help people understand their own mental health and how having a grasp on it can impact the choices and decisions they make for long term success in their lives and work.

Therefore in essence even in 2023, your mental health and wellbeing in different areas of your life is the engine of success and how you can get to where you need to. In order to get this right, you need to initiate support from, coaches, psychologists or counsellors who remind you to be in touch with your goals or help you let go of any pain or trauma limiting you from reaching them.

Love and Light your mental wellness coach

Sithembiso Pride Mkhwanazi

@CoachingMissP on all social platforms