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VeganNation and FC Barcelona team up to promote a sustainable way of living worldwide.

FC Barcelona and VeganNation have officially signed a new partnership agreement whereby the global community, founded in 2017 to promote sustainable living and practices, becomes a new sponsor of the club for the next three seasons, until 30 June 2025. With this alliance, the two organisations will be working to spearhead a new generation of eco-conscious fanhood. The alliance’s main mission is to raise awareness of the importance of sustainability and planet-responsible practices in their global community of fans and followers. 

The deal with VeganNation ties in with the Sustainability mission of FC Barcelona’s 2021-26 Strategic Plan defined by the Club’s Board of Directors, and which relates to this issue in its financial, sporting and environmental aspects. The latter is a field in which VeganNation works extensively through its app and, which brings together people who believe in the need to act innovatively and sustainably, while connecting companies and organisations operating in line with these environment-friendly values, following Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria.  

The agreement includes rights of association with the men’s and women’s football first teams, as well as hospitality rights and the creation of content for publication on the club’s channels and digital platforms. Barça and VeganNation will be working on different projects focused on sustainable living, especially the circular economy and awareness. This is for a simple, yet powerful, objective to strengthen ethical, social, and economic values to better the lives of our next generation. Both parties will be making use of the platform offered by such a global organisation as FC Barcelona, including its digital platforms, currently having a reach to more than 400 million individuals around the world. FC Barcelona and VeganNation partnership is a loud and powerful affirmation and commitment to create genuine impact for the planet and all living beings, recognizing the urgency in which society must act and the need to work towards sustainable consumption and living.   It is no coincidence that FC Barcelona has found a viable partner in VeganNation, an organization working to change the world by changing the way we spend first. 

Statement by Juli Guiu, Vice president Marketing Area, FC Barcelona 

“We are pleased to announce a new alliance in the field of sustainability, together with a partner that seeks to connect people in order to move towards a world that is more respectful of its environment in the future. In addition, this partnership allows us to continue to strengthen our commitment in this area, which is one of the pillars of the Club’s Strategic Plan, which wants to promote initiatives that allow us to be sustainable from an economic and environmental perspective. Also, this alliance highlights once again how the brands trust in FC Barcelona to reach the whole world thanks to the wide following the Club has at a global level”. 

Statement by Isaac THOMAS, CEO of VeganNation  

“This historic partnership with FC Barcelona gives the both of us a unique opportunity to channel the power, the passion and the dedication sports has in the lives of people worldwide towards real impact for our planet. Working with FC Barcelona will lead and foster a more environmentally responsible community of individuals and the sport itself, while protecting our planet and shaping our shared future. This partnership is the beginning of a worldwide campaign where more clubs will join the calling and create real and practical impact for our communities all over the world.”

Source:Official FC Barcelona Website