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Siya Kolisi and Oakley have renewed their global partnership.

South Africa, xx September 2023 – Rugby legend Siya Kolisi and Oakley have renewed their global partnership. A symbol of inspiration and unity, The South Africa World Cup captain captured the world’s attention in 2019, guiding the Springboks to a sensational Rugby World Cup victory.

Team Oakley athlete Siya Kolisi, managed by Roc Nation Sports International, made history by becoming the first black man to captain the South African national rugby team. This celebrated achievement boosted him into the global spotlight, where he has since used his platform to share his inspirational story of resilience and hope, all grounded in a strong focus on family values.

“I have always been drawn to brands that stand for impact, innovation and purpose. Partnering with Oakley is an alignment of passions and values. I am proud to continue this journey of seeing clearer, aiming higher and making an impact together” is what Siya stated to express his excitement about the renewed partnership.

As a devoted Oakley enthusiast, Siya Kolisi rejoins the ranks of an esteemed team of internationally celebrated sports professionals, like Kylian Mbappe, Alessia Russo and Alexia Putellas, proudly representing the Oakley brand.

Oakley, renowned for its rich legacy in sports performance around the world, excitedly aligns itself with Siya Kolisi, “Siya embodies the spirit of our brand – he’s innovative in his approach to the game, authentic in his actions, and optimistically rebellious in pushing boundaries. His dedication and unwavering commitment to excellence mirror Oakley’s core values. Together, we’ll continue to redefine what’s possible, break new ground, and inspire others to join us on this remarkable journey.”