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KWV Cruxland Kalahari Truffle Gin Secures Fifth Gold at 2024 World Gin Awards

Cruxland Kalahari Truffle Gin, an exquisite creation from South Africa’s esteemed KWV distillery, has been honoured with the South Africa – Country Winner Gold award in the London Dry Gin category at the 2024 World Gin Awards, held at the Hurlingham Club in West London. This achievement marks the fifth time that Cruxland Gin has been honoured with such a prestigious accolade, reaffirming its status as a world-class contender.

Recognised for celebrating the pinnacle of gin craftsmanship and innovation, the World Gin Awards have spotlighted Cruxland Gin for its exceptional quality and unique flavour profile, derived from the rare Kalahari truffle. This accolade underscores KWV’s dedication to embracing the rich biodiversity of South Africa and its commitment to excellence in distilling.

“We are thrilled to receive this prestigious award, and it further motivates us to continue pushing the boundaries of gin craftsmanship,” said Pieter Do Bod, General Manager of Spirits at KWV. “We extend our gratitude to the World Gin Awards for recognising the dedication and expertise that went into creating Cruxland Kalahari Truffle Gin.”

KWV Cruxland Kalahari Truffle Gin is distinguished by its infusion of hand-harvested Kalahari truffles, which bring a distinctive and luxurious character to the classic gin experience. These truffles, unearthed in the vast expanses of the Kalahari after the annual rains, add a depth of flavour that is as rare as it is captivating.

Consumers and gin enthusiasts worldwide can now experience the unparalleled quality of KWV Cruxland Kalahari Truffle Gin, available at select retailers and through KWV’s distribution channels.


About KWV:

KWV is a renowned South African distillery with a rich heritage dating back to 1918. Committed to crafting exceptional spirits, KWV is celebrated for its innovative approach and dedication to showcasing the unique flavours of the South African terroir.