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South African Tourism Ignites Excitement with Showstopping 2024 Roadshow

Aligning with the strategic roadmap for the Indian market, South African Tourism is delighted to announce the 2024 edition of its annual India roadshow. Serving as an essential tool in promoting travel and tourism for the Rainbow Nation, the roadshow will, for the first time ever enter the pink city of Jaipur, a city that is almost 300 years old, with massive forts and stunning palaces  Scheduled from 12th – 16th February 2024, the event will further move to other significant Indian cities, namely – Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, and Mumbai in the respective order.

This 20th annual roadshow schedule marks a vital milestone in South African Tourism’s efforts in the Indian market. During this roadshow South African Tourism will also unveil its year-long plan to engage with Indian consumers. The insights leading to redefined approach will enable the trade partners to tap into India’s growing outbound travel market. Commencing in Jaipur the inaugural roadshow will be complemented by a panel discussion on 11th February 2024 and a gala for more than 150 key delegates and trade partners bringing on ground the sights, sounds, culture, and cuisine of South Africa.

India is the 6 th largest source market in terms of international arrivals to South Africa.. Led by Ms. Neliswa Nkani – Hub Head – Middle East, India and Southeast Asia, South African Tourism the roadshow remains an integral tool in attracting ‘more & more’ consumers to the “Rainbow Nation”. For years, India has been one of the largest source markets to many destinations across the globe. Owing to the recent uptick in its appetite for outbound tourism, the country is impossible to overlook for any tourism board.

 Commenting on the occasion Neliswa Nkani, South African Tourism’s Hub Head – Middle East, India and South East Asia said “In 2023, we experienced another year marked by substantial growth in arrivals from the Indian market. Indicative of our successful strategy, the increase in the numbers of Indian visitors to South Africa is a testament to our marketing efforts as well as our continued partnership with various members of the trade both in South Africa and in-market.  Through meticulously insights-driven campaigns, we showcased the hidden beauty of South Africa leading us to welcoming 79,774 tourists from India between January and December 2023, marking a 43.7% increase when compared to 2022

She continues “Eager to continue building on the robust momentum witnessed so far, our 2024 roadshow promises to provide trade partners with novel and valuable insights. We are confident that our efforts will assist our Indian counterparts in redefining their approach and equip themselves with all necessary tools.”

Paving way for mutually beneficial partnerships with Indian trade buyers, the convention will host more than 40 prominent exhibitors from South Africa out of which 14 are SMMEs. It is also key to note that this year over 40% are new products. Each year, Indian and South African trade partners come together during the annual trade schedule and chart the way forward for next phase of growth.  Established partners such as Ethiopian Airlines, Cape Town’s The Westin Hotels –, SA Forest Adventures, and government authorities such as The Johannesburg Tourism Company, WesGro and more will showcase their latest offerings, promoting comforting stays, thrilling adventures, and unforgettable experiences.

It’s noteworthy that Indian tourists constitute one of the primary enthusiasts for adventure tourism in South Africa. Additionally, the nation hosts the largest population of the Indian diaspora outside India. With ongoing discussions aiming to enhance accessibility through the e-visa pilot program and the development of direct air connectivity, the connection between the two countries is poised to strengthen even more. Currently, various layover flights connect India to South Africa, such as those operated by Emirates, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Kenya Airways, and Air Seychelles.