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Empowering young South African Women through confidence movement and mentorship

In celebration of Women’s Month, BIC, a world leader in stationery, lighters, and shavers, shines a spotlight on the significance of mentorship in supporting and empowering women, enabling them to grow and shine in their respective fields.

In its third edition, the BIC Soleil Squad competition (part of the confidence movement titled ‘Shine Your Way’ launched in 2020) continues to inspire and empower young South African women to embrace their potential, find their shine, and excel. Each year, three exceptional South African women are crowned as members of the BIC Soleil Squad, assuming the responsibility of engaging with and inspiring young females seeking guidance and inspiration through media opportunities, events, and social media platforms.

Through the BIC Soleil Squad competition, mentors provide young women with invaluable networking opportunities and professional connections that enhance their visibility and open doors to new possibilities, fostering a sense of belonging and support in their respective industries. 

This year’s Squad members, Lerato NdlovuSavannah Raine Taylor, and Yonela Makalima have shared their transformative experiences in the competition thus far, which have provided them with a supportive network, valuable mentorship opportunities and increased visibility, enabling them to gain confidence, grow, and shine.

Lerato expressed her heartfelt gratitude for the mentorship she has received from BIC during her journey, describing how it has helped her unleash her hidden potential, conquer self-doubt, and embrace her unique talents and capabilities. Through the competition, she has learnt to believe in herself and hone the skills necessary to overcome any challenge she encounters.

Savannah has found the most rewarding aspect of the BIC Soleil Squad program to be the positive impact that women have on each other and the younger generation. She comments that “The platform that BIC has created amplifies women’s voices and is empowering the next generation of female leaders. Working alongside ambassadors, mentors, and previous Soleil Squad members has elevated my confidence and self-esteem and the wisdom that I have gained through this journey will undoubtedly shape my future in a positive direction.’’

For Yonela, the program’s highlight has been connecting with diverse and influential women, including photographers, makeup artists, the BIC team, and fellow Soleil Squad members. Their inspirational stories have left a lasting impression, impacting her outlook and energising her ambition for the future.

In addition to their roles in the competition, this year’s BIC Soleil Squad members have led impactful events in the country, including school roadshows, where they have had the platform to encourage confidence and individuality among South African teenagers.

Kutlwano Tshetlhane, Marketing Manager at BIC in Southern Africa, expressed delight following the resounding success of the BIC Soleil Squad competition this year. ‘’ It is rewarding to see that we have built a platform for women to support other women and we have seen first-hand the positive impact it has had on the young women we’ve worked with since 2020. Mentorship is valuable and we witness the growth of young females year-on-year as we work with more mentors and a larger Squad. We hope to continue to empower young South Africans to be more confident and celebrate their diversity, achievements, and individuality.”