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Jason Adriaan and Shahan Ramkissoon have launched Study Start

Education is key to South Africa’s future economic success. Two South African entrepreneurs have developed a platform to transform society and drive job creation by providing comprehensive educational support to students and career seekers. Study Start is an innovative online education tool that Jason Adriaan and Shahan Ramkissoon co-founded. The website offers personalised career recommendations, a directory of accredited qualifications, an education cost estimator, application assistance, detailed occupation insights, and access to previous Matric exam papers and solutions.

Empowering Education for Societal Impact

Education is the cornerstone of societal progress and economic development. Study Start guides individuals towards the right career path. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to societal change and job creation. Key features of Study Start include:

  • Personalised Career Recommendations:Tailored advice from a database of over 1000 occupations helps users make informed career choices that align with market needs.
  • Accredited Qualification Directory:With access to more than 2000 qualifications from reputable South African institutions, users can pursue education paths that lead to meaningful employment.
  • Education Cost Estimator:Simplify financial planning with our intuitive tool, helping users budget for their education journey and make financially sound decisions.
  • Application Assistance:Streamline the process with our service that fills in tertiary institution applications on behalf of users, ensuring they meet all requirements.
  • Comprehensive Occupation Insights:Gain in-depth knowledge about various careers, including job roles, required education, and necessary skills.
  • Exam Preparation Resources:Access old Matric exam papers and solutions, ensuring students are well-prepared for their finals and future studies.

Creating Jobs Through Education

“Education is not just about personal growth; it’s a powerful tool for societal transformation and job creation,” said Jason Adriaan, co-founder of Study Start. “By providing individuals with the right educational resources and career guidance, we can help build a more skilled workforce that meets the demands of our economy.”

Prominent South African journalist and TV talk show host Shahan Ramkissoon is co-founder of Study Start. He says, “Our mission is to empower individuals through education, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. This, in turn, leads to job creation and economic growth, benefiting society as a whole.”

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