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Bolt Hosts Rider Safety Event at Campus Square in Auckland Park

Bolt, the leading ride-hailing platform, recently hosted a rider safety event at Campus Square in Auckland Park. The event aimed to educate riders about the various safety features available on the Bolt app. It combined crucial safety education with fun activities, creating an engaging experience for all attendees.

Bolt Hosts Rider Safety Event at Campus Square in Auckland Park

The event underscored Bolt’s commitment to accessibility by facilitating in-person engagements. This direct interaction with riders helped dispel any perceptions of the app being operated solely via AI, highlighting Bolt’s dedication to personal and accessible customer service. Being able to engage with riders in person on campus grounds enhances the connection between Bolt and its customers, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing a reliable and personable service.

Bolt recently launched the rider profile photo feature, which allows passengers to take a photo of themselves and add it to their Bolt profile. This move aims to improve safety for both riders and driver-partners. The new feature complements existing safety measures on the platform, such as the in-app safety toolkit, which allows driver-partners to share ride details with loved ones, access emergency assistance, and even trigger an audio recording of the trip if needed.

“We are thrilled with the enthusiastic response from our riders,” said Acting Head of Regulatory & Policy Africa, Weyinmi Aghadiuno at Bolt. “Safety is at the core of our service, and this event was an excellent opportunity to showcase our robust safety features. It was also a chance for us to engage directly with our riders, addressing their questions and enhancing their confidence in using Bolt.”

Aghadiuno added, “The event emphasised the convenience Bolt offers, particularly for students. With the winter months upon us, students can rely on Bolt for affordable and short rides around campus. This focus on affordability ensures that students can make the most of Bolt’s services without straining their budgets.”

Passengers who attended the event won exciting prizes to keep them warm during the Winter period. This interactive activity not only added an element of fun but also reinforced the key safety messages of the day.