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BIC Lighter turns 50 years old!

Over the past five decades, BIC Lighters revolutionized how people light up and became an integral part of numerous cherished memories. From lighting birthday candles to sparking campfires, BIC lighters have played a crucial role in bringing warmth, light, and joy to people’s lives. This Heritage Month, we celebrate timeless innovation and safety as the iconic BIC Lighter marks 50 years of illuminating movements

A Legacy of Innovation

In 1950, Marcel Bich introduced the ballpoint pen, a simple, well-thought-out writing instrument with a functional design that soon became part of the everyday lives of millions of people around the globe. In the early 70s, he took on a new challenge: popularizing the gas lighter, a product he felt perfectly suited BIC’s ethos – simplicity, functionality, and accessibility.

A Spark of Revolution

In 1971, BIC acquired Flaminaire, a renowned metal gas lighter manufacturer in Redon, France. This strategic move laid the foundation for BIC’s first pocket lighter, introduced in 1973. The BIC Maxi lighter, with its plastic body, adjustable flame, flint ignition system, and remarkable 3,000-flame capacity, quickly captured the hearts of millions worldwide. It quickly became a worldwide bestseller, revolutionizing lighters as we know it.

Evolving with Purpose

The ’80s witnessed BIC’s commitment to diversity and innovation. The brand expanded its lighter range, introducing different styles and ignition systems to meet evolving consumer needs. From the Mini in 1985 to the multi-purpose pocket EZ Reach in 2020, BIC continued redefining how we interact with fire, ensuring safety, durability, and simplicity in every design.

Quality, Safety, Durability

BIC’s unwavering commitment to quality and safety has been pivotal to its success. The Redon plant in France, specializing in plastic molding, cold heading, zamak injection, and surface treatment, exemplifies the brand’s dedication to internalized manufacturing. BIC’s in-house design and development of production machinery ensure precision and standardized quality across the globe.

A Flame That Endures

Even after 50 years, the BIC Maxi pocket lighter continues to reign as the world’s best-selling and best-performing lighter. With up to 3,000 flames, a canvas for decorations and advertisements, and an eco-conscious design, this historic product has not only stood the test of time but also set the industry standard.

Celebrating Heritage with BIC

This Heritage Month, as South Africans embrace their diverse cultural traditions, BIC remains a steadfast part of the nation’s heritage. With over 58 years of operation in South Africa and a presence in 18 African countries, BIC delivers high-quality and affordable products, embodying the essence of heritage – a legacy passed down through generations.

Kutlwano Tshetlane, Marketing Manager of BIC Shavers & Lighters SA says: “As South Africa celebrates Heritage Month, we should remember that heritage is more than just culture. It’s also about legacy passed down from generation to generation, like BIC, which has operated in South Africa for over 58 years and serves 18 African countries with products of high quality and affordability. We are reminded to celebrate what makes South Africans so unique and enjoy all of our culturally instilled traditions of celebration.”

To find a lighter to match your Heritage celebrations, events, and daily needs, visit the BIC website to access BIC®’s wide range of lighters that meet the highest quality and safety standards.