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Automotive Sector to Be Revolutionised by the New Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK Technology Lubricant

Castrol, a global leader in automotive lubricants, has announced the launch of its highly anticipated innovation, Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology. This ground-breaking industry advancement, now available in Africa is set to transform the driving experience of consumers by providing non-stop protection from every start.

For over 120 years, Castrol has been a leader in providing protective lubricants in the automotive industry. With its latest innovation manufactured in South Africa, Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology combines cutting-edge engineering with advanced chemistry, resulting in a lubricant that delivers excellent protection for modern engines. The innovative formulation forms a powerful forcefield of protection upon contact with critical engine parts, helping to shield against wear and tear, even under the most demanding driving conditions.

Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology sets a new standard in engine lubrication, ensuring that your vehicle’s engine is protected every time you start your car. It is the result of extensive research and development, solidifying Castrol’s commitment to innovation and delivering performance to motorists worldwide,” said Jennifer Heyes, Castrol Marketing Director, Africa.

Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology features a unique blend of “intelligent” molecules that lock together, forming a strong and resilient protective layer on engine surfaces. This layer clings, locks, and protects critical engine parts, even when the engine is turned off.

The new product features technology which helps to significantly reduce engine wear and tear by up to 50%2 during the critical start-up phase. Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology has been formulated taking into account today’s congested traffic conditions, in which the average driver can stop and start as many as 18,000 times1 a year, spending up to 1/3 of the journey time idling. This puts up to 66%3 more load on critical engine parts compared to driving on the open road.

Whether you’re navigating the city or travelling on the highway, Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology actively responds to temperature variations, providing protection under all driving conditions.

As a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and to celebrate 20 years of ‘Can of the Best’ Castrol introduces the MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology. This milestone marks Castrol’s continued dedication to being at the forefront of producing products with the objective of delivering excellent engine protection, efficiency, and best performance.

“Castrol has consistently set the standard, earning the trust and recommendation of mechanics in the industry. Castrol MAGNATEC with DUALOCK technology embodies the brand’s pioneering spirit, combining cutting-edge innovation with a sleek design. The ‘Can of the Best’ campaign further entrenches Castrol as the leading partner for automotive enthusiasts and professionals alike,” adds Heyes.

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