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FlySafair Threatens National Shutdown

28 April 2023 – Johannesburg. Today local low-cost carrier FlySafair has announced the return of their massive annual sale in which they sell one-way flight tickets for just a few rand total. In the past this massive sale has created havoc across the country as customers bask in the pink glows of multiple devices hoping for a chance to gain access to the airline’s website to bag these cheap seats. Perhaps FlySafair can offer some insight to challenger political parties on how to bring the national economy to a standstill.

This year, in celebration of 9 years of operation, the airline will be offering up one-way flight tickets on domestic flight routes for only R9 including airport taxes. In line with the feelings of celebration, the airline has said they will be making a record number of 50 000 individual seats available on pre-selected flights across the airline’s domestic route network for departures between May and November this year.

FlySafair operated its first scheduled domestic flight on 16 October 2014 and has since grown to be a significant player in the domestic air travel space. The airline now operates over 150 flights a day connecting all major South African cities with additional connections to Mauritius and Zanzibar.

“This sale is always very exciting,” says Kirby Gordon, Chief Marketing Officer at FlySafair. “It’s a wonderful opportunity to share our product with people who might not otherwise have the opportunity to fly. This year we are going big with 50 000 tickets which equates to an entire 264 Boeing 737-800 aircraft full of passengers flying for only R9.”

The excitement which surrounds this mega sale each year can best be seen on social media platforms. Each year Twitter in particular comes alive as hopefuls share their travel dreams and comedic relief from the waiting room while lucky ticket winners share their excitement at grabbing such a sought-after prize.

So far over 100 000 lucky passengers have managed to bag seats for anything between R1 and R8 in the airline’s annual sales.

FlySafair remains mum about exactly when this year’s sale will be taking place, but they have indicated that it will be happening sometime next week. Would-be travellers can expect a waiting room to be in action again with lucky draws taking place each minute to allow shoppers onto the site to grab those cheap tickets.

“We’d like to apologise in advance to employers across the country for any productivity lost on the sale day,” quipped Gordon.