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Global celebrities confirm South Africa as a must-visit destination with hospitable people

South Africa is a country that never ceases to amaze and captivate visitors. From its stunning landscapes and diverse wildlife to its rich history, vibrant culture and hospitable people, South Africa offers a truly unforgettable experience.

And don’t just take our word for it; Hollywood A-listers and a top international journalist have been raving about it too.

Tom Cruise, one of the world’s biggest movie stars was recently in South Africa to shoot the latest Mission Impossible film. He couldn’t help but gush about the country’s beauty and how the concept of “ubuntu” had left a lasting impression on him.

“It’s an absolutely stunning country, and there’s a beautiful philosophy, it’s ‘ubuntu’, that originated there. And it is the idea that humanity is based on the plural, not the singular. Ubuntu’ means essentially, I am because we are…” he said accepting an award at the 34th Producers Guild Awards in February.

Also singing the praises of South Africa is Eugene Levy, the legendary comedic actor and producer. Some of the episodes for Levy’s new travel show called “The Reluctant Traveler” were shot at the Kruger National Park.

Speaking about the experience, Levy revealed how he was initially hesitant to visit the place as he thought he’d already seen it all. But after just one week, he was spellbound by the magic of the place, saying, “my frame of mind went from ‘I don’t necessarily want to be here’ to ‘I don’t want to leave’ in just one week.” Such is the allure of South Africa that even seasoned travelers like Levy can be left speechless.

Meanwhile, the hugely popular comedian and actor Kevin Hart was amazed by the energy and warmth of South Africans during his “Reality Check” comedy tour. Speaking about the country, he quipped, “It’s not only beautiful, but the people are dope”.

Hart said the story of South Africa’s truth is not told enough and is committed to telling its story in an authentic and powerful way.

Richard Quest, the acclaimed CNN International anchor, recently visited Cape Town and was overwhelmed by the warmth and friendliness of the people.

He took to social media to express his gratitude, saying, “Thank you #CapeTown and #SouthAfrica for a wonderful assignment. Whatever the challenges you are the most welcoming, beautiful, friendly place to visit.”

South Africa’s hospitality and beauty continues to leave an indelible mark on everyone who visits.  As the comments by these global stars prove: South Africa is a destination that has it all – stunning scenery, diverse wildlife, fascinating history, vibrant culture, and warm and hospitable people.

If you have yet to experience South Africa’s magic for yourself, now is the time to come visit.