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Checkers now has nearly 50% of the vegan and plant-based market share in SA

New data shows that Checkers now has nearly 50% of the vegan and plant-based market share in South Africa. 

As vegan, plant-based, meat-free and dairy-free options continue to gain popularity with customers looking for healthier alternatives, Checkers is providing more choice through partnerships with the likes of US-based vegetarian-foods giant, LiveKindly Collective. 

The latest Nielsen report reveals that Checkers has grown its market share for frozen, plant-based and vegan products by 12.1% to 49.9%, while ambient products are up 14.9%, for a 44% share of trade over the past year to October 2022. Checkers’ total vegan market share has climbed to 47.1% over the reported period. 

Checkers is the only South African retailer to collaborate with the LiveKindly Collective, an organisation founded on the belief that plant-based alternatives have the power to make the global food system sustainable. 

Brands that form part of the LiveKindly Collective include Fry’s FoodsLike Meat and Oumph and are stocked at Checkers stores.  

Exclusive to Checkers is the range of vegetarian burgers and sausages from Linda McCartney Foods as well as the retailer’s private label wellness range Simple Truth, which offers customers over 200 healthier alternatives to everyday products, including pantry staples, mindful sweet and savoury snacks, proteins free from hormones and antibiotics, and much more. 

Many Simple Truth products, including wholewheat flakes, peanut butter, gluten-free oats and gluten-free high-protein cereals, are endorsed by the Heart and Stroke Foundation and certified by Diabetes South Africa. 

Checkers also stocks the following brands: 

Free gym passes for Sixty60 shoppers 

This January, Checkers Sixty60 customers will find it even easier to make healthy lifestyle choices simply by shopping on the app. In addition to the extensive range of healthy foods on offer, the on-demand grocery delivery service is rewarding customers with free Virgin Active gym passes to Xtra Savings members shopping on the app.