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Introducing OPPO Reno12 FS 5G: The latest addition to the Reno Series

The new OPPO Reno12 FS 5G has landed in South Africa, adding to its popular, highly stylish and accessible AI phone.

The Reno12 FS 5G features a brand-new Cosmos Ring Design, a dynamic Halo Light, and a 120Hz Smart Adaptive Screen, all protected by the robust All-Round Armour. It impresses with its stylish design and solid build. As an AI Portrait Expert, OPPO Reno12 FS 5G not only takes the lead in enhancing creativity in photography with advanced AI features like AI Eraser 2.0 and Smart Image Matting 2.0, but it also boosts productivity with AI tools including AI Recording Summary, AI Writer, and more.

Powered for high performance by the MediaTek Dimensity 6300 Platform and with AI LinkBoost for enhanced connectivity, OPPO Reno12 FS 5G is the top choice for users’ entry into the world of AI Phones.

“We launched the Reno12 Pro in the market last month. The Reno12 FS 5G  adds to the momentum while also ensuring that we are creating options for our customers, says Liam Faurie, Head of Go-to-market & Operations at OPPO South Africa. This iteration of the Reno12 series offers our intuitive AI technology across performance and photography, SuperVOOC Charging, and a sleek design at a price suited to the customer’s pocket.”

Boosting Creativity and Productivity through Accessible GenAI

At the heart of Reno12 FS 5G is OPPO’s commitment to making AI technology accessible by providing more users with advanced GenAI features that ignite creativity in photography and enhance productivity. When it comes to AI photography, AI Eraser 2.0 offers a smooth way to remove unwanted passers-by from photos with just a tap, supporting the removal of a wide range of objects and natural filling in generated backgrounds at a faster speed. AI Smart Image Matting 2.0, meanwhile, has been updated with enhanced accuracy, allowing for multi-subject cutouts that can be saved as standalone stickers for future use. Also included on the phone is AI Studio, which provides a personalised AI-powered photography experience that can transform regular portraits into unique digital avatars.

Alongside the AI imaging features, OPPO Reno12 FS 5G adds a range of useful AI productivity tools like AI Recording Summary, which can process voice recordings and extract key information into easy-to-read summaries. More features are wrapped in the AI Toolbox, including AI Writer for crafting quick emails, social media posts and comments, AI Summary for extracting essential details from long passages of text, and AI Speak for reading articles aloud. Thanks to the easy-to-use AI Toolbox, users can conveniently call on these features from the Smart Sidebar to boost their productivity across a range of scenarios.

The Brand-New AI Portrait Expert

Beyond its suite of Gen AI Features, OPPO Reno12 FS 5G elevates the photography experience with an Ultra-Clear Camera System designed to capture sharp and natural portraits. The system includes a top-grade 50MP Ultra-clear Main Camera, a 2MP Macro Camera for perfect close-up detail, and a 112-degree 8MP Ultra-Wide-Angle camera, complemented by a 32MP selfie camera with multiple focal lengths.

In addition to this powerful camera combo, Pro Portrait Mode leverages both the main and Ultra-Wide-Angle cameras to deliver professional-grade bokeh effects for stunning portraits, while AI Portrait Retouching provides more vivid and natural retouching effects.

“The photography on this device is professional grade; we recognise that mobile photography is no longer about photo sharing but a route to commerce for some of our users who are part of the creator economy. The AI capability of the devices gives them access to tools that are available at their fingertips”, adds Faurie.

The Fastest Network, Anywhere

The Reno12 FS 5G makes use of OPPO’s AI LinkBoost technology coupled with a 360° Surround Antenna solution that leverages a system-level AI model to boost signal reception and optimise network selection.

AI LinkBoost ensures users enjoy the best connection possible by intelligently adapting to challenging network conditions. For example, it accelerates video-sharing speeds and reduces video call buffering on congested networks or those with weak signals. When exiting an elevator, AI LinkBoost helps Reno12 FS 5G swiftly reconnect to a network 36% faster than the previous generation and enhances location accuracy when navigating with Google Maps. For extreme cases with no network coverage at all, OPPO’s BeaconLink supports device-to-device voice calls over Bluetooth based on a self-developed protocol, making ad-hoc network communication possible even in a completely disconnected environment.

Premium Design and Unbreakable Build

OPPO Reno12 FS 5G revolutionises the design of the Reno Series with the introduction of the new Cosmos Ring Design with a Halo Light that encircles the camera to add a unique dynamic lighting effect. All of these sync with music, adding an extra vibe to users’ listening experience. Not only does the Halo Light provide a variety of customisable lighting effects for different scenarios, but it also serves as a subtle notification system for charging, calls, and messages, alerting users with minimal interruption during situations like meetings and classes.

This device boasts a 120Hz Smart Adaptive Screen with a local peak brightness of up to 2,100 nits for visual experiences that are both vivid and comfortable while ensuring responsiveness in every interaction. The screen’s Splash Touch feature eliminates difficulties caused by wet screens or hands by improving the accuracy of taps and swipes, even in rainy or other wet conditions. Additionally, the phone offers top-level intelligent eye protection, leveraging both hardware and software solutions to minimise blue light emissions and display the optimal screen temperature throughout the day.

The OPPO Reno12 FS 5G boasts incredible durability fortified with All-Round Armour to defend against everyday drops, scratches, pressure, and water splashes. The robust armour includes an advanced tempered glass screen, and OPPO’s in-house developed High-strength Alloy Framework, while a Sponge Bionic Cushioning structure safeguards internal components.

Thanks to this inside-out protection, OPPO Reno12 FS 5G is rated for IP64 Water and Dust Resistance and certified for 5 Stars in SGS Performance Multi-Scene Protection Testing.

Powerful Performance and Lasting Smoothness

OPPO Reno12 FS 5G is powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 6300 Platform, boasting a 10% overall improvement in energy efficiency compared to the previous generation. It is available in large memory configurations of 12GB of RAM and 512GB ROM, with up to 12GB of additional virtual RAM available through OPPO’s RAM Expansion technology to guarantee seamless multitasking. The addition of OPPO’s exclusive Trinity Engine also ensures long-term system smoothness through the precise allocation of computational resources. This includes ROM-Vita, which can smartly compress and clean storage to create more space for user files. Thanks to these enhancements, Reno12 FS 5G has passed OPPO’s 50-Month Fluency Protection test, guaranteeing system smoothness for more than four years of use.

With its 5,000mAh Large Battery, OPPO Reno12 FS 5G can provide up to 1.94 days of regular use or an impressive 13.95 hours of non-stop TikTok streaming. Thanks to OPPO’s advanced technology, the battery is also able to maintain optimal performance for over four years of everyday use. This long-lasting battery is supplemented by a 45W SUPERVOOC TM Flash Charge, which enables a full 100% charge in 71 minutes. Even a quick 10-minute charge from 1% can deliver over 7 hours of music playback or more than 6 hours of call time, ensuring users are never more than a few minutes away from staying connected and entertained.

Pricing and Availability

OPPO Reno12 FS 5G will be available in South Africa in Amber Orange and Olive Green from 02 July 2024. The 12GB RAM + 512GB ROM model will be priced at an RRP of R12,999.00 or on contract from R549pm from leading operators.