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Vodacom partners with South Point

JOHANNESBURG – Vodacom’s new OnPoint Mobile store has opened in Braamfontein. Developed in partnership with South Point, Braamfontein’s largest property owner and developer and home to more than 6 000 students, the new space delivers exciting retail design and curated consumer experiences to Africa’s largest academic district.

Not only is the store a space where students and young people can access the full suite of Vodacom products, but it is also intended to be a space where customers can learn, be creative and get connected. This next-generation store features a grandstand with bespoke graffiti as a backdrop. Desks will be scattered around the store so that it can serve as a space where students can hang out, work, study and get a coffee. There is also a central podium where talks can be held, unplugged musicians can perform or where specials can be displayed. Customers can visit Original Equipment Manufacturers displays at the store entrance where they will have the chance to test out and compare the latest products.

Oyisa Besman, Managing Executive, Vodacom Gauteng Region commented: “As Vodacom, we are always looking for new opportunities to engage with and speak to the youth market. Today, as much as 60% of Africa’s population is under the age of 25. By 2030, young Africans are expected to constitute 42% of global youth. As a brand, we need to come up with ways to speak to this market and to support them because they are the future. Our OnPoint mobile store is one way we are trying to do just that.”

Ndumiso Davidson, South Point CEO says, “The new OnPoint Mobile space delivers exciting world-class retail design and curated consumer experiences to the heart of Braamfontein, Africa’s largest academic district. It’s also no secret that “Braam” is celebrated as a neighbourhood – and rightfully so – where forward-thinking brands flex their creative muscles as they develop innovative new ways to engage the powerful youth market.”

The retail and experience space were designed by leading retail design firm BrandDNA. Adrian Whines, CEO of BrandDNA explains, “The store is particularly exciting for us as our office is based in Braamfontein. We are passionate about any project that will see the rejuvenation and success of the inner city.  Now, “Braam” will continue to enjoy upliftment, thanks to South Point and Vodacom. The success in “Braam” lies in the appeal to the youth, and the store is another example of what the neighbourhood offers the students.

The new store also aligns with Vodacom’s youth proposition, called Vodacom NXT LVL, which targets consumers under the age of 25. Vodacom NXT LVL focuses on giving young people access to affordable connectivity, empowering them with the skills they need to succeed in their future careers and provides them with the tools and technologies they need to realise a better future.

“Our goal is for the OnPoint store to serve as a space where students can access critical digital tools and resources,” concluded Besman. “And in doing so, the hope is that Vodacom can offer our youth customers the support they need to transform their lives for the better. ”

Visit the new OnPoint Mobile store: 66 De Korte Street, corner Bertha Street, Braamfontein; tel 010-025-4291.